Sunday, August 23, 2009

Growing Up So Fast!

It feels like we just brought Lula Mae home from the hospital, but it has already been 15 months since she was born. Where does time go? She has started to walk better and better now, even though she still isn't really "walking" quite yet. I'm sure in the next few weeks she will be walking all over the house! Oh my! Charlie can tell you that her teeth are quite sharp! She bite him pretty good the other day! Lula Mae is starting to talk better and better too. She has started to call for "ma ma" (finally!) and will call Charlie "Daddy" instead of "da da" which is really cute! She likes to ask you "whattayoudiong" (I put it all together because she says it all together!) but it is super cute! She is great at saying "No" and "toy" and "ball" and "dog" and "cat" and "hi". She really has a pretty big vocabulary for 15 months! Her first 2 word combination was "oh no" and it is so funny because she says it with such distress that you just have to laugh! Like something so bad has happend (when really she just dropped her toy)! She certainly keeps me entertained! I have the best job!

In other news....we are getting ready to go on vacation soon! Yes, another trip to Disney! With what may be coming in the future for us this may be the last trip for quite a while. I am really excited! We are going to go to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure again on this trip too so that will be a blast! I am sure I will have lots of funny stories to tell when we return! We will also be traveling down to Tampa to see my Aunt MaryElla and Uncle Mario after Disney! This trip will be fun for lots of reasons! Right now I am drowing in lists! Trying to make packing less of a chore for this trip.... but when you have a one year old packing is a little bit over whelming! Especailly packing for a one year old who is very particualr and ODC like her mother! It will all be worth it when I see how excited Lula Mae will be to see Mickey and Minnie again! Such priceless memories!

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