Friday, August 28, 2009


Busy, busy, busy! That sums this week for me! I have been keeping a good friend of mines daughter and she is at a very needy age. Moms, you can remember how your 2 months old were I am sure. She just needs lots of interaction and love. Lula Mae seems to like the baby... but when I am holding or feeding the baby she gets a little bit jealous. So far I have been juggling the two kids very well, but each of them has good days and bad days. I love being able to help my friend out! God put me back in her life for a reason! It is so good to catch up with her!

We will soon be on the road again! In route to Disney World for another visit to The Happiest Place On Earth! I am not sure there is anyone else that really loves that place like I do! I am very excited for Lula Mae to ride all the rides again! She has such a good time! I love Disney World even more now that I see the smile that it puts on my daughters face! Charlie seems to have an amazing time too ;-)

An old friend of mine posted this video on Facebook and I knew right away that I wanted to post it on my Blog. It is a very powerful video and I hope that you will take the time to watch it!

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