Friday, April 27, 2012

Crafty And Surrounded By Pregnancy!

 Have I mentioned that there are like 70 pregnant ladies at our church? (that may or may not be a tiny exaggeration) I am surrounded by big bellies and new babies! And these two things make me want to sew. I have been sewing a lot these days.

I started off with nursing covers. Lots and lots of nursing covers. So easy to make! I can't believe people pay $30.00 for these things!

Then I fell in love with making taggie type blankets. Also incredibly easy and I love how personal you can make them.  

Then I got brave and tried my hand at a boppy cover. When I finished I thought I was something else! I was so proud of myself. I made it start to finish in 45 min! Then I looked on Etsy and realized that lots of other people are making these covers too. Oh well, it is still fun to make them as gifts. 

And last but not least, look at these kids? Aren't they precious! Makes me sad to see how big they look in this picture.


Taylor said...

Wow, girl, I am so impressed by all your sewing! Seriously, that is a talent that is beyond me and SO USEFUL! Everything is so cute (including those kiddos)... great job!

Heather Evans said...

Can I have the kids as a present?

Rachel said...

LOL at Heather's comment! :) I adore that boppy cover! I wish I had known you back when Itty Bit hadn't made his arrival yet - I would have been pressuring/goading/encouraging you to start an Etsy shop so I could buy from you! :)

Rachel said...

Oh, and those kiddos? Your cutest project EVER! :)

Brandi said...

Awesome! I'm so glad you posted pics! Love the stuff you've made. :) That last pic is soooo cute!