Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I am listening to the sound of "learning". Lula Mae at the table working on Spanish and math, Jayce in the living room watching Your Baby Can Read.

When did it come to this?

When did my tiny babies turn into kids?

I feel like I should be listening to the sounds of crying and cooing, not talking and learning.

When Lula Mae was born I thought her turning 4 was "a long way off" and now we are a mere month from it.

After Jayce arrived I felt like his toddler years were a distant future, and yet in nearly 2 weeks he will turn 2.

We are here. We are at those moments that we thought were so far away. It makes me think about how quickly I will be remembering these moments as long past.

I thought that we would be welcoming a new baby when these milestones surfaced, but God changed my heart. He has given me great peace in waiting on a new baby. We want more, but we want to enjoy these precious moments with our first two gifts before that day comes. These precious moments are so fleeting and I want to hold my breath and soak them all in.

When I cuddle Jayce before bed I close my eyes and imagine my boy as that tiny baby he once was. When Lula Mae hugs me I imagine that sweet baby who was always laughing and smiling.

When my babies were born I had trouble picturing them as anything but, now I find I am having trouble remembering them as babies. Funny how time does that, huh?

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Rachel said...

I definitely understand! Having one little miracle boy really makes you think about how quickly time flies and how much to appreciate each day!