Friday, May 4, 2012

Today My Boy Turned TWO!

The day my boy was born was amazing. An easy labor and delivery brought us a healthy little 7 pound boy. So tiny and perfect. 

Looking back I can't believe how tiny he looked.  And yet he seemed to grow at lightning speed.


 He loved to be sitting up and watching everything going on around him.


He did not however enjoy our beach trip. He takes after his mommy I guess. 


 His expressions melt my heart, and that round head is just adorable.


 As the months went by his cheeks seemed to be one of the only things growing! So kissable.

 He has always smiled with his entire face.

 He was quick to get on the move and begin exploring the world. He did not like anything or anyone to hold him back!

 Heather could make that baby laugh and smile more than anyone, and when he was younger she was an instant nap spot. He loved sleeping on her.


 And then he turned one and seemed so big, yet so young at the same time.

His sense of humor began to shine through. 

His silly side only makes guests appearances throughout the day, but we all know it is there.  Under that serious grown man disguise we all know that fun loving boy is there. 

He has always loved his sleep.

 He has an obsession with "daddy's things". Doesn't matter what it is, if it is daddy's he wants it!


This year he has started to make some of the funniest faces, especially when the camera is out. 

He is such a tiny boy! He finally hit 20 pounds this year but he seems to be stuck there.

 He loves music so much. All kinds.

 His very favorite thing has to be playing outside. He can't get enough of it!

His deep eyes make me wonder what he will be like as an adult. I feel like he has the gaze of a 70 year old man who has seen and lived through so much.

We are not a family that is into sports but this boy is planning on changing that. He loves baseball the most, but enjoys basketball all the same. Golf is becoming quite a fun activity to him and he enjoys football too. We are in trouble in a few years, aren't we?

He simply adores his sister yet they can be worst enemies at the drop of a hat. She can manipulate him all day long and he just can't get enough. He loves her so much! They will surely drive each other crazy in the years to come. His friends at church mean the world to him and not a day goes by where he does not ask about all of them. This boy has a huge heart!

My boy has a great father to guide him and train him. He adores his daddy and want to fill those big boots someday. 

How quickly this year has gone. The last year of his babyhood is now in the past. Today he is a toddler, and he has the tantrums to prove it! He is so expressive and is quite a thinker. There are not many problems he can't solve and he sure won't let something stand in his way. My tiny little guy had a bit of a tough year with the his skin and all his allergies, but we are slowly figuring out how to help him. He is a special guy and I am so honored that God entrusted me to be his Mommy. Watching him grow and learn about God melts my heart and gives me hope that he will someday love God with all of his heart, mind and soul. I pray everyday for God to use him mightily for His glory. I adore his little man voice and his sweet cuddles throughout the day and just before bed. I never get tired of carrying him as though he is still my little baby. Today my boy turned two and I can't help but hope this next year goes a little slower than this one has. I want to soak this last ounce of babyness up!

Jayce this year was a little tough for you and I am so grateful that God has led us to the right people to help make you feel better. You are so sweet and I love you so very much. I hope this year is filled with lots of fun new memories. You are such a gift from God and we love you so much! 

Happy birthday Jayce! My big 2 year old!


Heather Evans said...

Love that little boy! I forgot how quickly he would fall asleep on me, I can't believe he was ever that little! And man what a personality all his own. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAYCE! Aunt Heather loves you bunches! (even if you love "Edgar" more now)

Rachel said...

Aww - happiest Birthday to your litle man! How quickly those babyhood times go past! He is adorable, love those expressive little faces... he is a cherished little guy!

Emmy said...

Hope he had a wonderful birthday! I love that cheesy smile. He is so cute.

I forgot our boys were so close- Ryder will be 2 next Monday!