Monday, February 13, 2012

Hazelaid Review

About a month ago I posted about our new plan for Jayce. I am here today to review the two products that I purchased from Hazelaid. First, I will tell you about his necklace.

He looks so cute wearing it, by the way ;-) Like a little surfer dude. Hazelaid makes such beautiful jewelry! I love all of them and had such a hard time picking just one to buy for him! Jayce wears his necklace 24/7, except in the bath. Over the last month we have seen some great improvement in his eczema. I wish I could say it is 100% gone, but it is not. Please understand though that Jayce has a sever case. So seeing improvement is incredible! When he sleeps, I double up the necklace around his ankle and secure it in his pajamas. I do this so that he won't play with it in the bed, possibly put it in his mouth and what not. He loves it around his ankle and sits so nicely to have it put on.

When Jayce is still having outbreaks we use the second product I purchased from Hazelaid, the ointment. People, I am in LOVE with this! It is the best diaper rash cream i have EVER used! It does great on his eczema too. The only draw back is that it is hard to rub in. At night it is great to lather him up with because it is so thick that is covers him well. I am very satisfied with this product! If you are looking for a natural diaper rash cream, you should try this for sure!

Go and check out all the products that Hazelaid has to offer! Then, use the code chaos10 at check out for 10% off your order!

We are so glad that this company is helping us make Jayce more comfortable! It has been a long time coming!

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