Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New School Tools

I made a new study book for Lula Mae to use during her quiet time, or independent play time. It has all of her Catechisms in it. She loves it! The girl LOVES studying. She is also learning the books of the bible in school so I made her a card with them on it to study with. Again, the girl loves it.

I would encourage all you homeschooling moms, soon to be homeschooling moms, or even non homeschooling moms to make simple tools like this for your little ones. Even if they can't read, make them. The more they look at printed word, the more they will understand it. You never know what your kids are capable of until you give them the chance to blow your mind. I promise!

I figured out my method for keeping track of documents during my homeschooling years. I have a small binder that I labeled "preschool" for Lula Mae. For about a year now I have been "testing" Lula Mae and dating her work sheets. After I date them and write notes on them I punch holes in them and place them in the binder. Everything that I feel she has mastered gets put in (not everything needs to be kept obviously), along with work that I find exceptional or unique. I plan on keeping this method even into her school years. I think it will be neat to go back through and see her progress. Obviously I had to put this in her binder. I mean, first of all it is Mickey Mouse ;-) secondly she did it all on her own! I may be her Mommy, but I think for 3 years old she is doing pretty good!

Look at how proud she was!!!!! Excuse the crazy hair....

And this is a "message" she wrote me. That is her new thing, writing messages for people and leaving them for you to find. It is precious. She tried to write Mommy :-) and she drew our family and a heart. Sweet girl. Most of the time at least.

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E said...

It looks like she wrote Mickey Moose! She's too cute. :) And a much better reader/writer than I was at that age. Good job, Mom.