Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Switching Gears

Jayce's blood results are in. We have a few answers. We also still have questions.

Peanut allergy is positive, we will be avoiding it for 2 years and revisiting it to see if he outgrows this. There is a chance he will out grow it and that gives me hope. Until then he travels with an epipen wherever he goes.

Guess what came back perfect? The marker for gluten intolerance.

Our first test showed it was our culprit for his skin rashes, reflux and failure to thrive. So we switched to a gluten free diet and within days we saw improvements. Within weeks we had weight gain. We felt like we found out what was wrong. Then we ended up at the allergist having tests run on several major allergens and it felt like we switched gears.

The blood work showed egg as a big factor in Jayce. But no gluten. So why the change? Can the gluten free diet have skewed the results? Nope. Could the first test have been wrong? I doubt that.

I am looking at this as a healing. I know you could look at this as a case of misdiagnosis, but I am not. I think God took it away from Jayce. I think He heard our pleads and cries and my begging and took it away. I am counting this as a blessing and praising Him for it.

So now we are putting Jayce back on gluten and keeping him on a strict egg free diet. We will watch and see. Because that is our life with Jayce... watch and see. Wait.... wait.... and wait some more.

After a month of an egg free diet we will be heading back to the allergist to see what we think the next step is. If we have improvement, we will assume we have our ducks in a row... for the time being. If we don't see improvement we will more than likely be heading to the pediatric GI for a further test on the gluten intolerance. It is a possibility that the egg allergy and gluten intolerance are factors, but for now we are leaving that to God. He is taking care of Jayce and in His time we will have answers.

Keep praying for my little man. I can't wait until I can tell him we know how to help him feel better!

I will not be taking my gluten free tab off of my blog because I still think all that I learned could help someone out there.


Tara G. said...

Oh, it's been too long since I stopped by! Glad things are moving forward as you get his health on the up!! He is a cutie!

Emmy said...

Miracles do happen. So glad he is doing so well

J. Tillman said...

Glad that he's not allergic to gluten. Eggs and peanuts are enough for anyone. Be careful though, it is possible to be sensitive to gluten without being allergic or having positive markers. I pray that it is truely miraculous though.

LaVonne L. said...

Glad to hear the news about the healing from the gluten allergy. That is wonderful. I am sorry he has a peanut allergy though. Peanuts are in a lot of processed foods. Still praying for your family.

Merry Christmas!


Rachel said...

I am definitely still praying!

And believing that you did the right things to help him feel better - but that we serve a mighty God who grants us wisdom and healing!


Thankful for those answers, thankful for his healing. Praying for more wisdom in the future decisions you make. Gosh he looks so good! :)

(Oh, and please tell me he's allergic to POOP?!? ;) Good Mommy Blogger taking pictures of that crime scene!