Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Fabric Wreath

I have really been busy making things these past few weeks. I go through phases where I just love doing projects and this is one of them. First I want to show you my fabric wreath that I made. All you need is a cut up pizza box and some fabric.

Trace your bowl and cut out a wreath shape.

Next I took a long scrap of white fabric to wrap around the cardboard ring first to give it some fullness.

After a few times of wrapping the fabric around I secured the fabric with a dot of hot glue. I went around the wreath twice with my white fabric because I had plenty and I wanted a nice full wreath.

Then, when I was done with the white fabric, I started with my Christmas fabric, using that same method.

And here is my finished project! I took some of my left over fabric and made a bow to tie on as well. You could really have fun with this project, making it all your own! Easy!

Oh and I made a table runner to match it.... and a hanging ball thingy to hang off the light fixture... I may have gotten out of control.... what can I say, I am finally hosting Christmas and I want it to look nice. The good news is I am not spending a fortune on pre-made decorations!


wholesomewomanhood said...

The wreath is so adorable! It is so much fun decorating for Christmas isn't it? :-)

Emmy said...

Okay no way that is awesome! So easy and so so cute! Totally going to pin this.

And hi! Sorry I haven't been around much

heather said...

cute cute!

Rachel said...

Super cute! And you get to host Christmas?!?! How fun!