Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Card Holder

In this house I realized we really don't have anywhere to really "set out" all of our Christmas cards this year. So I did some searching and found a quick, simple and frugal card holder I could make. Here is what I made!

I took one sheet of foam board, 1/2 yard Christmas fabric, Christmas ribbon and quilting tacks. I used packing tape to do the entire project, but a glue gun would have worked too. It was a very easy project!

*Cut out the tree form
*Cover tree in fabric (tightly)
*Crisscross the ribbon on the tree (tightly)
*Insert tacks at each crossing
*I also flipped it over after inserting the tacks and covered all the exposed tacks with a swatch of fabric, securing it with tape.

Ta-da! Done! How easy! I also thought it would have been neat to leave the foam board in a rectangular shape and made it look like a giant gift instead of a tree. No cutting the board then so that is an even easier option. I would say get some big fat ribbon to make a big bow for the top if you make it that way. Cute, cute, cute!

Who is feeling crafty?


Tiffany said...

Ok I love this! Totally going to try!

Rachel said...

That turned out so awesome! Will have to try it next year... I already have our cards up on our giant ricrac ribbon this year!

Love the patterns and colors - it rocks!

Eric said...

Nicely done. We may try something similar since I want to change where we normally have our cards.

Beth Zimmerman said...

THAT is adorable and brilliant! I'm seriously impressed!

Emmy said...

Oh mine are just in a pile- great idea!