Friday, September 30, 2011

School Days

These days Lula Mae is blowing my mind. I am beginning to wonder if she will be smarter than me by third grade! I mean, right now I am not even using curriculum and she is blazing through everything with flying colors. She is starting to make words with our letter tiles. Not only that, she is writing words! It is amazing! She will think of a word, figure out the letters, then write it! She is so incredibly proud of herself and I love seeing her so happy about learning! Do I have a 6 year old????? Oh, she really is a 3 year old????? Sometimes I am just not so sure!

For now, this is what school looks like. We love it! I can't believe that this time next year we will officially start homeschooling! I have figured out how I am going to organize the kids files and records and that makes me eager to start :-) So far, homeschooling has been incredibly rewarding and amazing. I can only imagine how much fun we are going to have with this. Not to mention the bond our family will have. If you have never considered homeschooling, you should. You would be amazed at how much better your kids can learn from you! Plus you get to be in the comfort of your own home and can really instill your families core values into your children. What a priceless gift to give to your kids!

Happy Friday all! Have a great weekend!


Rachel said...

She is really really amazing! I love her passion for learning... and reading/writing will get her so far in life!

Tara G. said...

My oldest was like that- still is. I noticed she is left-handed and I bought Handwriting Without Tears for my son this year. The teacher's book was SO helpful to me as to how to teach handwriting- especially for lefties. You may be able to pick up a used copy somewhere and it'd be worth reading so you can help her develop good habits from the start. E-mail me if you need more info on the book.

Tara G. said...

Clarification- I noticed your little one is a leftie.