Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cyber S.O.S.

No I don't have an online lover, I am just looking for some HELP from my bloggy buddies. You know who you are.... all like 12 of you!

Here is the deal, since I changed my url I have noticed a huge decline in my hits on my blog. I don't really "care", and yet I do care. I want to be able to reach people through my blog and right now I am not.

So here is what you can do for me. Write a post on your beautifully amazing blogs that I adore (too much brown nosing? Sorry, I will bring it down a notch) with a brief description of my blog and my new url. Or simply do like Brandi and send out a search and rescue!

Whatever you would like to do is fine. Just HELP ME!!!! I feel like I am talking to no one over here on my piece of the internet.

This is me.... begging just a little.... for all of you to give me a hand. In return I will totally advertise for you :-) You scratch my back I'll scratch yours!

1 comment:

LaVonne @ Long Wait said...

I will send a tweet right now and post it on my Facebook. Also, join some blogging communities like SITS Girls, Blogher, and Social Moms.

Don't worry, everyone will find you soon enough and fall in love with this great blog! :)