Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Nap Time Epiphany

When you have had "one of those mornings".... oh you know the morning I'm talking about.... the one where one kid wakes up in a goofy mood, the other wakes up with a present in their diaper, the milk spills before it reaches the table, the goofy mood slowly turns into a bad mood, the dentist appointment gets forgotten briefly and is rescheduled for half and hour later..... yep, that morning. The one that makes you feel like this.....google

After a morning like that what person wouldn't be ready for nap time? I was! I flipped on Netflix and picked a show to veg out in front of.

Someone tell me why I picked Nanny 911. Am I mad at myself or trying to punish myself? What in the world was I thinking!

My epiphany: Nanny 911 is never allowed to be on in our house during nap time. Ever.


Emmy said...

I've never actually seen the show- just lots of commercials for it

Rachel said...

I get so wound up watching families who have let their kids hit and boss them around... I can't do it. We hardly watch tv, so I'm glad I don't even have to bear the commercials, ha ha!

Tara G. said...

Oh yes- feeling for you!! I sometimes get everyone settled and then say I am going in my room to rest; I find a good girl movie and have an hour and a half to veg out! :)