Thursday, June 30, 2011


People tell you not to compare your kids.... but honestly is there a parent out there who doesn't at some point or another? I mean, not in the "he's better than her or she is better than him", but just in an overall type of way. The other night my husband and I looked through both the kids baby books. We feet like Jayce is a bit small, and so does the doctor. We were wondering if we were mistaken and thought perhaps Jayce is the same size as Lula Mae was at that age. Well, we were wrong.

Lula Mae at 12 months: 21 lbs. 27 1/2 inches

Jayce at 12 months: 17 lbs. 27 1/2 inches

My little guy is 4 pounds smaller than Lula Mae was. He weighs what Lula Mae did at 8 months old. My little guy is tiny, but so strong! His size really fools you. He climbs onto ANYTHING and can pull the little electrical outlet covers out. He is so adventurous and can take a fall or a hit like a UFC fighter. Boy through and through! For those of you who have been praying for him, thank you. His reflux is doing MUCH better and we are hoping to wean him off of his medication in the next few months. Also, his eczema is making remarkable improvements! He still has a few bad patches but his overall skin appearance is so much better! There is so much power in prayer! Please continue to pray for him. Pray that he will begin to gain weight and stay in a healthy range.

PS. This boy is so madly in love! Are they not the CUTEST???? I just love it!!!


Emmy said...

Oh that last picture is so precious! I am sure as his reflux continues to get better he will be able to put on more weight.
Will definitely keep him in my prayers.

Heather said...

he's kinda my fave ;)

Rachel said...

YAY! I read the reflux/eczema part and just whooped!!! Because you are kind of stingy with sharing your prayer requests (haha :) and so I have been PRAYING for these!

Our guy stayed little for a long time too - I definitely did not complain... we brought him home when he was exactly five pounds and then he finally got the hang of the growing thing...

And I kinda sorta adore Heather too... he has good taste :)