Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The One In Which I Beg For Your Help

Help me to help them.... I am so close to selling my kidney to get this money folks so do me a favor and pray about how you can help. We have a private facebook group with 140 members on it. Did you know that if each of those members gave $30 we would raise enough money for baby O? Thats one dinner out (if you drink water and don't get an appetizer or dessert), its a new shirt, its a few mornings a week missing your Starbucks. I don't want you to give because you feel obligated, I want you to give because God leads you to! I want you to pray for Esther and Scott. I want you to pray about how you can help. I want you to think about what love really is. I want you to love these two people the way I do. I want you to love the Lord!


I also really need a favor from all my bloggy buddies. Could you please do a post on your blog with this widget? Can you tell your blog readers about our story and pass this on? I would owe you BIG TIME if you did that for me! Like BIG TIME!!!! ! 

We are pressing forward people! Get excited!

We will also be selling t shirts to help raise money, but that is taking time to get set up so please be patient with us :-) 

1 comment:

Esther said...


Your generous heart overwhelms me.

Thank you.