Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pintrest Explosion!

Our dinning room has had empty walls basically since we moved in. I had a few things upbut they just did not seem to go well. Enter Pintrest to save the day!

Here is the room before. Just kinda bare. Nothing fancy. The lighting in this picture is pretty bad, sorry!

I loved this idea, and the kids had so much fun helping me with it! I have it hanging on that blank wall to the right of that window in the picture. It is actually between two windows, but you can only see the one in this picture.

Then I worked on our family Bible center. I got a random scrap of wood and pray painted it yellow, then put a decal on it that says "For the Bible tells me so". I took an old mirror I had and used chalkboard paint on it. Ta da! Now we can write verses on it that we are looking at together! It is right at our table which is perfect for family meal time. Oh, and yes I did make roman shades out of cheap mini blinds. It was super easy!

 And here is my precious niece, Miss Ella! Yep, I know, you cold just kiss that face all day!

Are you being brave and trying out things on pintrest????


Tiffany Bleger said...

Oh yeah! Love me some pinterest! Woot!

Esther said...

I love the additions! Not only practical, but they really help tie the room together. Good job! :)

Rachel said...

Love art that is sentimental and meaningful! Those handprints will be treasured just the same decades later!

Too funny - I just got a chalkboard for our Bible verses too!

And that Ella. Sigh. You two are giving me baby fever!

Heather Evans said...

Just catching up on my blog first thought was "that's a cute baby picture of Jayce...OH WAIT!"