Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Day Has Come....

I am linking up with Emmy over at Emmy Mom today with a Proud Mommy Moment. Head over to hear blog to see more!

Thing 2 did it. He finally did it, after months of being dangerously close to doing it.

He climbed out of his crib.

He did it out of shear anger and frustration, but still... he did it. I was not ready for this because Thing 1 never even THOUGHT about doing such a thing. She is overly cautious... him, not so much!

When I heard the thud I was almost in disbelief. When I opened the door the look of panic on his face was pretty funny. He was spanked and then put back in bed.

My next thought was "there is no way he is ready for a toddler bed". Translation.... "I am so not ready for him to be in a toddler bed". So what did we do?

Heather gave us a GREAT idea! She had seen another mom put her child's mattress directly on the floor inside of their crib. Luckily we have a crib that this worked with, it is super low to the ground and there is no way for his mattress to move in any direction. So we took out the spring board thing and plopped this mattress right down on the floor.

It gave us literally 5 or 6 more inches of height! I am guessing that buys us at least another 8 or 9 months! WOO HOO!!!!

See, Jayce would be that kid that like gets up in the middle of the night and goes and makes a sandwich. I wish I was kidding. He really would not comprehend "Mommy and Daddy want me to stay in bed"... well he would comprehend it... he just would not obey it!

So for now, the little dare devil is contained!


Emmy said...

I never would have thought of that idea! I don't think it would work with our crib though it has too much space underneath.
Great PMM! Thanks for linking up

Rachel said...

Little stinker bug... does he know he's not allowed to grow up??? :)

Kmama said...

Oh my goodness! Neither of my boys ever crawled out of their crib, and they were both over the age of 3 when we finally moved them into a big boy bed. I'm glad putting the mattress on the floor helped. You could also purchase a crib tent that zips up and around, keeping kids in.

Thanks for linking up with Emmy and me!

Munchkin's Mama said...
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