Friday, August 10, 2012

Letters Of Intent

Dear refrigerator,

No warning? It is very rude to just quit with no warning. I mean this really puts me in a pickle, because now I have to try to eat this entire jar of semi expensive pickles because I am freaking out that I may have to throw them away! I am having trouble focusing on all my other duties because I keep thinking "what am I going to do about my Dukes?"! Forget the meat in the freezer, how will I love without my Dukes!!!!! (For those of you not from the south, Dukes is mayonnaise... not just mayonnaise.... THE MAYONNAISE )  So thanks so much for leaving me in such a mess! Now all I can think about it making a pickle sandwich with tons of mayonnaise. Sigh.


Couldn't Chase The Refrigerator Even If I Wanted To Because It Sure Isn't Running


Dear Son,

When I fold a load of laundry, I kinda want it to stay folded.


The Lady Who HATES Refolding All The Laundry  


Dear Self,

Stop. Take a deep breath. Repeat. It is all going to be just fine.


The One Who Does Not Want To Look 50 When I Am 30


Esther said...

1 - You and your mayo... I mean DUKES! Sorry about your fridge, though. Hate that. :(

2 - Are you sure Jayce isn't a cat? ;)

3 - There is no way you will look 50 when you're 30. Not a chance.

Love you!

Emmy said...

Ryder likes helping me "fold" the laundry- so yea it takes a lot longer.
That really stinks about the fridge- and good thing you said what Duke was, I had no idea :)