Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Surrogacy: Step By Step

This journey is long, and we all knew that going into it. Each step we make seems big, but there is not a set timeline that things will for sure happen. Esther and Scott came up for a visit and we all went and interviewed a clinic. It went amazing! The doctor that we met with seemed very knowledgeable and was incredibly nice. The four of us were in agreement that he seemed like a winner! Everyone there seemed very nice too. Always a plus to deal with friendly people. We have started the process with them, beginning paper work and what not. I have been acclimating myself to what this process will be like in a few months (the shots, the hormone patches, more shots, ultrasounds, blood tests, and did I mention shots?). Everything has to be precise and perfect so I am studying up now so that when the time comes I am more prepared.

But right now, we aren't there yet. Right now we are at the expensive step. Well lets be real, the whole thing is expensive! Right now we are on to the lawyers. Did you know that when a surrogate gives birth to a child who is in no way her own she has to give it up for adoption? Yep, they have to adopt their baby from the surrogate even though it is 100% their baby. Seems like just a way for lawyers to make some money to me, but hey. So right now we are at the lawyer step. We have both contacted and met with lawyers, but this step may take some time. Once the lawyers draw up a contract and we all agree on it and sign it this whole big game can get started!

Did you hear me.... basically one more step and this ball is ROLLING folks. ROLLING! I am so excited!

So this is where we are. Are you as excited as I am???? Well even if you aren't can you please pray for us? We would all really appreciate it!


Esther said...

I am! :) But you knew that. :D

One thing I forgot to tell you after chatting with our lawyer is that he should be able to get a court order to put our names on the birth certificate. You would both still have to relinquish your parental rights since you'd be the birth parents in the eyes of the law, but the court order (which is the most expensive part) will hopefully be in place to prevent us from having to adopt! Yay!

Oh, have I mentioned that I'm excited that you're excited? Because I am. :)

Mrs. Edwards said...

How awesome that you and your husband are doing this for this couple. Im sure you are a blessing for them. Praying for you along this jouney and praying for a healthy happy baby.

Heather Evans said...

I'M EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jenn Earle said...

Seriously, this is amazing. I'm always interested in learning how this works. I have never known anyone who has done surrogacy. Its so cool hearing and getting to learn how the process works.

Tara G. said...

Oh mercy, I've been gone from your blog too long! WOW! You're amazing!