Friday, May 18, 2012


 I pick up lots of toys throughout the day. No big deal, it's my job. But this particular mess drives me nuts. I pick it up at least 20 times a day. I kid you not,

Can you guess why? Because the basket that all the food lives in makes a perfect stool for a certain short little guy I know.

Buddy boy, get use to stools, cause it sure is looking like you are gonna be a shorty like your mommy. Sorry dude. I'm just praying you hit 5 feet. Lord please just let him get past 5 feet!

Anyone else worried he is gonna have major little man syndrome? sigh.


Rachel said...

LOL! Be grateful it is just THAT for a little stool. Soon those boys turn any and everything into a way to climb up higher! (Trust me on this... my kiddo would open the bottom cabinets and use the interior SHELF to climb onto the counter... EEK!)

Jayce is adorable as ever - climbing fiend or not!

Rachel said...
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Emmy said...

Ryder is always using everything for stools too. It's funny- he just had his two year checkup and is right at 50% and is predicted to be about 5'10" which I am almost mourning- as when your husband is 6'8" and SIL's are all over 6 feet tall- and I am only 5'5" I feel this pressure to produce tall kids. hehe funny huh. Though his sister is predicted to be taller than him.