Friday, July 15, 2011

Letters Of Intent

Can you believe it is Friday? Me either! Although last weekend was drill so that has a lot to do with it! Lets end this week with some letters of intent! Don't forget to visit Julie for more great letters!

Dear Jayce,

Sweet boy, what happened? You were eating so well! You would eat anything and everything we put in front of you. Now all of a sudden you look at it... pick it up with a disgusting look... put it in your mouth... and then SPIT IT OUT???? Oh dear son you don't weigh enough to refuse food. You are a 14 month old trapped in an 8 month old body. Please, please, please EAT!!! Once you show me you can eat real food I have a big problem regressing back to baby food. Hate it for you buddy but Lula Mae is already the picky eater in the family. She is the oldest ya know. It just isn't fair that your Daddy and I have to deal with TWO picky eaters so why don't you just go ahead and pick a new bad habit. Okay?


Your Mommy Who Is On The Verge Of A Breakdown


Dear DIY Network,

I am gonna need you to come crash my yard. I mean, what do I have to do to persuade you wonderful people to come and make my yard look fan-freaking-tastic? This lady is tired and I would really really appreciate it. No rush or anything.... well maybe a little rush... just a little....


The One Who Loathes Yard Work


Dear Netfilx,

I am blaming you for all my housework being behind. Yep, all your fault.


A Big Old Slacker


Rachel said...

Oy - picky eaters are tough! And I feel for you, because one is enough!

Ahh Netflix... they were making a killing off of us because we never had time to watch movies. We literally have had the same ones since March. So when they sent a notice saying that they were INCREASING the rates, guess what? :)

Foursons said...

I so feel ya on the picky eater. Hopefully Jayce is just going through a stage and will be back to his normal eating self soon.

And I say the same thing about Yard Crashers every Sunday! I would LOVE for that show to come to my home.

I don't have Netflix but I have heard plenty about their rate increases. Crazy stuff.

Thanks for linking up!

LaVonne @ Long Wait said...

Why do kids have to get picky when they get older. My Princess was the same way.

Yep, I can waste a lot of time on Netflix. I am bummed they are changing their policy in September. I think I will stick with instant only and not get any discs mailed to me.

I hope you and your family have a great week!

LaVonne @ Long Wait For Isabella

Tiffany said...

tehehe...I need the DIY network too. Maybe we could get them to do a special for us? Bloggers with Bad Backyards?

Emmy said...

Oh I hope he starts eating better :(. I really want to be on What Not To Wear- so I can get a hole new wardrobe :)