Friday, January 28, 2011

Letters Of Intent

It's Friday so it is time for Letters of Intent! It has been a while since I linked up with the wonderful Julie at Foursons. Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all have a great weekend! Be sure to check out Julie's blog for more great letters!

Dear House,

Why do you hate me? Why? WHY????? Your walls are going to be the death of me... or my poor husband. Between the wallpaper that destroyed the drywall, the border that is stuck like super glue in Lula Mae's room..... but the kicker is the popcorn texture all over the walls in the future playroom. We have to get it off before the carpet goes in on Feburary 7th.... only 11 days away. Could you do us a favor and take it easy on us? Just let the tacky stuff come off easy! And how about don't take up the dry wall. It is a HUGE room and I would hate to have to watch my husband putty and sand the whole thing. Thanks in advance!


Your New Owner Who Desperately Wants To Get 1992 Out Of Here!


To Whoever Invented Wallpaper,

Big mistake!


I Miss My Bathroom!


Dear Letters Of Intent,

I know I have been neglecting you and I am sorry. Lately my husband and I have been staying up until roughly 11:00 working on the house. We are lucky to be asleep by midnight. So when Friday rolls around.... well, quite frankly I don't even know it's Friday.... making it hard to remember to post my LOI for the week. I will try to do better! Oh Julie, how I have missed you!


The Exhausted Blogger


Tiffany said...


Oh wait, not supposed to laugh. Sorry.

Dang, laughing again! And you wonder why I hate wallpaper with a passion!

deepintheheartoftexas2 said...

We almost went with a house that had wallpaper. I guess it was a blessing we didn't get it but I thought that before your letter.

Hope you can get some rest this weekend!

Foursons said...

Oh gosh girl- don't apologize! The last thing we need to guilt ourselves over are our blogs. Seriously.

Wallpaper really does stink. Why in the world was it so popular?

Thanks for linking up this week and seriously, don't apologize for being busy. Good luck w/the house renovations.

Rachel said...

Ack! Wallpaper is such a headache! But you are going to be thrilled with however it looks once you've made your changes! :)

HeatherOz said...

Oh geez! I sure hope the house cooperates for you! good luck!

Emmy said...

Popcorn on the walls?? I have seen it on the ceiling but never the walls, that is just wrong.