Wednesday, January 19, 2011

30 Minutes..... GO!!!!

So I only have 30 minutes to let my brain explode all over the page. Why? Because I spent all of nap time working on a project so now all I have is 30 precious minutes to myself..... so buckle up, hold on and get ready for a whirlwind of a post....bullet style!

  • I haven't been blogging much lately for a few reasons. First, I felt like it was taking up too much of my quiet time with God. When that starts happening I have to re-focus my time and get back into blogging slowly. Second, I have a new baby.... its name is "house". House is very needy and requires a lot of attention right now. Hopefully soon it will be a little more independent and need me a lot less (meaning I hope to soon be done with some of this painting!!!!!!). Lastly, I have two kids who aren't going to be little for very long. I am trying to soak up all their sweet babyhood while it lasts. I am really enjoying giving them all of my energy and attention while they are up. My heart is FULL and that is just how I like it. So don't worry I will get back to being your bloggy buddy soon, I promise :-)
  • Jayce is pulling up on e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g he can! The boy keeps me super busy! If he is out ( meaning not in his play pen) I have to be right there with him. Boys are so much more adventurous than girls! He is growing up so fast! I think he will be walking soon.... oh dear!
  • Lula Mae is potty trained!!!!!! You have no idea how much it excites me to say that. I have tried to train her a few times, on and off, since she was about one and a half. Each time I was just frustrated and she was frustrated and it never happened. Well this time I took her diapers away, pulled out the potty and WHAM! She got it. She had two pee pee accidents on the first day, but after that... nothing. She totally has it down. She even poops in her potty no problem. Plus, she will even tell you she has to go when we are out and about! Lula Mae is, and always has been an all-or-nothing type of kid. I really and excited to not have to buy diapers for her!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Jayce has been acting a little out of sorts these past few days and I am worried about the little guy. I have summed it up to him possibly having allergy issues, but I am no doctor and have no way to really know. We will soon be replacing all of this disgusting carpet and we are hopeful that it will help him. If not, I think we will be seeing his doctor and trying to figure out what all this mucus in his throat is. He isn't having a cough, runny nose, fever or anything else. Just thick mucus sounding stuff in his throat that is causing him to coke terribly when he eats. Any of you other Mommy's have any advice on this????? We would love to hear!!!!
  • I have been feeling super anxious lately and I am not sure why. Probably because I haven't been writing.... probably because I have been getting less sleep since we are up late every night working on the house.... probably because I am slightly crazy.... probably because God tests be daily to help keep me focused. Regardless the reason, I am trying hard to be less anxious, which is really hard for me and my OCD personality. I am growing and changing in Christ, and those growing pains hurt sometimes... but they are so worth it!
Sorry I just verbally vomited on you. Sometimes that kinda thing happens. I have a video of Lula Mae that I want to share with you, so be looking for that. Hopefully it will make up for this mess of a post! Oh, and more pictures! Who doesn't love seeing pictures? I hope the rest of your week is great!


Heather said...

your word vomit makes me happy!

Emmy said...

Sometimes vomit posts are the best ones. So happy for the potty training success!! And sorry, no idea about the mucas.

LaVonne @ Long Wait said...

Yay for being potty trained! My Princess still wears pull ups at night. 90% of the time they are dry when she wakes up, but I don't want accidents. Not sure how long it will be when I leave her in underwear.

Maybe start taking away some common allergens in his diet for a few days. See if it gets better. Then reintroduce them and see if the mucus and difficulty comes back?

Good to get a quick update form you :)


HeatherOz said...

I am impressed that you got that all done in 30 minutes! I hope it was helpful! How exciting about Lula Mae being potty trained. I really need to work harder with Daisy! I DO NOT enjoy potty training!