Sunday, January 9, 2011

Easily Forgotten

When things in my life start getting tough (house work is piled high, schedules are too full, kids are misbehaving) I tend to blog more. Partially because writing is therapeutic for me. Extremely therapeutic. Also because when I have something on my mind, or my heart, I enjoy the thoughts you all have to offer. All of you are great! You bring me so much encouragement and get me through so much. God has used this blog in my life in ways I never imagined.

While pondering that fact that I blog more, and better, in distress I realized I was missing a lot. I am missing out on chances to tell you about Lula Mae's great behavior, Jayce's development, the funny things Lula Mae says, the crazy projects my husband and I work on together and completely mess up..... just all the happy moments in my life. You shouldn't just have to hear all the bad things.

So here are some great things that have been going on around here....

  • Lula Mae has memorized 6 bible verse now! I love to hear her recite them. She is done with the second grade sight word list and is on to learning the third grade list. Her reading skills are mind blowing! Her word list is nearing the 650 mark and I am so proud of her. She can count to, and recognize the numbers up to 40. She just loves to learn! I am so amazed at how well Lula Mae has behavior has been since we moved. Really, I was expecting this move to throw her into a tailspin.... but it is just the opposite. She is growing up so fast and is starting to learn self control and obedience.
  • Jayce is past "scooting" and is crawling now. Not always on his hands and knees though, but sometimes. His toothy grin is quite charming! He has always been a great sleeper, but these days it is just amazing. He love to sleep! He is finally eating some baby food. I am hoping to wean him off of his reflux medication soon because it has been really good lately. We will see what the doctor says at his 9 month check up.
  • We are totally unpacked! There are still a few decorative things in boxes, as well as photo albums, but they are patiently waiting for good homes. We are working on getting this place nice and clean! We are also slowly turning this house into our home :-)
  • We are slowly working on our debt free plan. We just paid off our van!!!!!!!!!!!! Woohoo!!!!
  • Back in December I was baptized (Tiffany I know I was suppose to email you all about it but things have been so busy! I am sorry.... don't hate me! It's just such a long story that it may take me a while to write it!) for the first time. I didn't grow up in a church so it was never really something I thought about doing, or even understood. God is working hard on me. He is changing me in some big ways. I have a great Pastor, a loving husband, supportive friends and an amazing God who are all helping me change. I have needed this for so long.
Oh, and I promise I am working on a tour of the house for you guys! I have a few really funny pictures to brighten your day :-) Have a great week everyone!


Tiffany said...

Hey - it took me two whole months to even acknowledge it! You are still WAY ahead of me! No worries at all!

Glad everything is going well. Give the kiddos big hugs for me.

Emmy said...

Sounds like there us a lot of great things happening in your life. So happy for you. Glad the move went well,