Thursday, April 1, 2010

200 Challenge: April

Oh my, it is already April! Wow! I cannot tell you how fast time is flying these days! It is a little scary actually. Well, March went well on the 200 Challenge, but not as well as the month before. Our grand total for March was $191.23. Our main goal is $190.00 a month (so technically we went over just a bit...) but our secondary goal is to be under $200.00. I like the $10.00 wiggle room. It makes you hold an item in your hand and say "is this worth going over my top goal?". Yet, it also helps me feel like if we needed something desperately we could stand to go out and grab it. So, yes we went over this month, but it is still a HUGE improvement from what we were spending before this challenge started! I hope all of you who are doing this challenge did well this month! I can't wait to see everyone's progress! Charlie and I are going this evening to get our first 2 weeks worth of groceries for April and I can't wait to see our savings!

Previous months: Feburary, March

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