Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Lately I have felt very lost. Lost in the sea of lists that surround me day in and day out. List after list after list! Normally I LOVE lists, they are how I focus... but lately they have been overwhelming. I have been letting my lists wait as I soak up the last precious moments with my little girl as an only child. It is very hard for me to do this... even though I love Lula Mae with every but of my heart I still struggle with letting my house work fall behind. I feel like I will disappoint Charlie if I don't get everything done before 5:30 when he gets home. I know he wouldn't really be disappointed, but try telling my brain that! God is working hard on me and I am so glad! He is teaching me to put family first and work second. Slowly I am able to let things go. Not "go" completely... just let them go until nap time or bed time. I have plenty of time while Lula Mae is asleep to get my work done! So I am still making list after list after list. Only now I am setting them aside until my beautiful little girl is not up and about. Thank you God for helping me with this long process. Change is hard, but not with God to guide you!

Just one of the many moments I would have missed if I were wrapped up in my lists...

Life is too short to miss out on the little things. One day you may wake up and realize that all those little things were really the big things. I don't want to look back and have that feeling in my heart! Thank you God for helping me change and grow every single day!

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