Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Random Junk I Need To Unload (In Blog Form)

Well, I am back! We have a desktop computer now! Can I say.... I MISSED YOU ALL!!! Even though I missed you all terribly, my little hiatis was so nice. It showed me where my priorities were messed up. It showed me what amount of internet time is "necessary" and what about of time is just wasteful and downright crazy. I have made a much better picture of what my priorities are and plan on sticking to that from now on. So as much as I missed you... I need to miss you.... ya' know?

Moving on...

Have I told you that HEATHER IS PREGNANT??? I mean I know some of my followers follow her as well, but some of you don't and if you have been reading my blog at all you know Heather and Eric's story. Well I am happy to report that she is almost 15 weeks and doing amazing. I mean, she is dealing with normal yucky pregnancy things but she is doing it will such joy! She is asking me lots of crazy questions and I am LOVING it!!! They will be finding out what it is in a few weeks so stay tuned!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Our December calendar looks like the holidays threw up all over it. We have so much going on that I am pretty excited for January to get here. I love Christmas but not the busyness of it. Way too stressful to be enjoyable.

EVERYONE at our church is getting pregnant. I am refusing to drink the water at church at this point..... no really. I hope God gives us more babies.... but right now I am enjoying my 2 little ones. So for now, I am sticking with bottled water and skipping the water fountain.

I have tons of craft posts for you that I am excited about! Get ready to be inspired!

Beware of a future post with the title "Poop Boy". It's going to graphic. It's going to be so gross you can smell is through your computer. It's going to contain the word "poop".... a lot. Weak stomaches beware.

My brain is all over the place trying to get my pictures and financial files over onto this new computer. I'm not allowing myself to get sucked into the computer though... in time it will all get done.

Happy Wednesday guys! I promise I will get caught up on your blogs soon. Although it seems like some of you wrote like a bazillion posts so it may take me a while!


heather said...

You are a nut! I guess you got your computer! PS - I am almost 16 weeks :) Glad you put up with my ridiculous questions!

Rachel said...

I am still jumping up and down about Heather and Eric! :)

And I am halfway scared to read that Poop Boy post...!?!?