Friday, July 6, 2012

Letters Of Intent

Dear Period,

Never have I wanted you to start so bad in my life. Hurry up so I can call the doctor and set up my first appointment! The three C's are in order (cramping, cranky, cravings) so I know you are close. The suspense is KILLING me!


Incredible Impatient


Dear Children,

This whole drive-each-other-totally-nuts-all-day-long is getting really old. I am trying to be patient, I am trying to give you space to learn how to deal with each other.... but dear goodness my nerves can't take it any more! The constant bickering is the most annoying phase yet. I love you both, but I feel like you hate each other. Please try to at least act like you love each other. I keep telling myself that this is just a season of life...  but I'm slightly terrified that this season is going to be like 15 years long. Sigh.


Your Very Exhausted Mommy..... Who Needs To Buy More Tylenol


Dear Hubster,

I'm sorry. Your kids are crazy and your wife is about to start a substantial amount of hormones.... I'm sorry just does not seem to be enough. Enjoy your week away at training, you will deserve it for sure!


About To Be A Hormone Casserole


Foursons said...

Oh boy, you have a mix for a perfect storm going on in your house! I had to laugh at your letter to hubby- poor thing, I hope he enjoys his work trip.

Thanks so much for writing a letter- are are officially the #1 blogger. :D

Esther said...

I laughed out loud at your 1st letter, and then again at your 3rd. Not so much the 2nd. Boo. I'm afraid the comment above mine is right. It sounds like the makings of a perfect storm. Sure wish I lived closer so I could help you out...

I keep thinking about joining you on the letters of intent. I do occasionally write letters in my head that never get sent... :D

Rachel said...

Sounds like things are BUSY at your place! God is doing big things :)