Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Little Things

Lula Mae loves drawing and writing. Her favorite thing to do these days is make cards and messages for people. After a tough day, nothing melts my heart like finding this on my nightstand.

And when I flip it over and see this.... blows my mind. Number one, it blows my mind how smart my 4 year old is to write so many things all on her own.... number two, it blows my mind how unconditionally loved I am by her. She sees the good in me, even when I can't. She loves me unconditionally, even though I don't show her that same unconditional love. She loves the Lord and I see that in the little things like this. I am honored to get to call her my daughter. The little things like this help make up for all that bad moments of the day for sure!  

1 comment:

Heather Evans said...

She is one incredible kid, seriously.